Some useful apps for Korea

by maddgirl

Ok guys so here is a list of the apps that I keep open on my iPad and iPod

Korean English dictionary | 사전 | Dict box – awesome Korean dictionary that is free and you can use offline

Learn Korean Phrasebook for travel in Korea – very good Phrasebook app, but you only get a couple of sections for free. So far I haven’t had to pay for more though

Korean flashcards – Superflashcard – good for studying vocabulary and free

Talk to Me in Korean – this is a podcast show that comes with very useful PDFs. The official app, TTMIK, is $2.99 but there is a free one you can search for in the app store. You can also just download the podcasts for free off the iTunes store.

YBM – I don’t actually have this app because it’s $14 but everyone says its a great Korean dictionary app

Naver – if you can already read a bit of Korean this is a great app. It’s basically the google of Korea an it has a translator and maps, etc. also you need to be connected to the Internet to use this

Daum – basically the same as Naver. You need to know some Korean to navigate this and be online

Viki – a good app for watching dramas and stuff. They have subtitles so you won’t be completely lost

Kdrama – pretty much the same as viki

Jihacul – a good app for the major metro systems in Korea

NaverMap – its just like google maps only Korean based. It has biking and public transit directions but once again it’s all in Korean. You still need an online connection for this.

These are pretty much the main apps that I use daily here in Korea. Feel free to do some of your own research and look up more. Share some useful ones if you find anymore. That’s all for now.

Sam out